Mama Carol

Mama Carol and Baba Carol live with their children in Bahati, Nakuru County. Mama Carol is expectant and therefore needs tips on how to prepare balanced meals for herself and her family. Smoke from the kitchen is not healthy for her and she also needs help reducing fuel costs so she can have some extra cash for the new addition to the family. To cut down on expenses even further, Mama needs some farming tips for her kitchen garden. Shamba Chef have promised to help.

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See her kitchen makeover


Mama Carol lives in Bahati, Nakuru county, Kenya.

Mama carol's old kitchen

Mama Carol's kitchen is in need of some refurbishment.

Mama Carol jiko

Her traditional stove emits a lot of smoke, uses up excessive amounts of charcoal, and does not have a long product life. She is in need of a modern and clean cookstove.

Mama Carol kitchen garden

Mama has quite the kitchen garden! She grows bananas, spinach, avocados, rears chicken and even has a heiffer. However, she isn't getting sufficient produce and needs our help to improve her yields.

Mama carol Ecozoom jiko

Of most importance is improving the cookstove Mama Carol uses. Hesbon from EcoZoom introduces Mama to the Jikobora cookstove, which is a cleaner and more efficient cookstove.

Ep 5 Ecozoom savings

The best thing is that with an EcoZoom Jiko bora stove uses less than half the amount of charcoal so Mama will be able to save money Ksh 420 every week!

Mama Carol with KUSSCO

Veronica from KUSSCO reassure's Mama Carol that the stove is well within her reach financially.

Mama Carol nutritionist

The importance of a balanced diet is emphasised so mama can cook healthy food for the entire family in her updated kitchen.

Ep 5 wheel of foods

With the help of the Shamba Chef presenters, Mama Carol learns how diversifying her food intake will provide all the nutritional benefits that she and her family need.

Ep 5 Family enjoying the meal

The entire family enjoys the wholesome meal prepared by Chef Damaris and Mama Carol.

Ep 5 EcoZoom stove

Look at her brand new Jiko Bora cookstove from EcoZoom. This cookstove will save her money if used instead of the traditional jiko.

Jiko bora being lit

The Jiko Bora cookstove is easy to light compared with the traditional jiko and is fuel efficient.


New surfaces are fitted which make the kitchen easier to wipe, helping to maintain a healthy and clean cooking environment.

Mama Carol's family

Mama Carol will now be able to cook all the delicious and nutritious recipes she learnt in a cleaner and safer cooking environment for her family.