Mama Ian

Mama Ian lives in Mwea with her 3 children - 12 year old Ian, 6 year old Pascal, and 14 month year old Leanne. Mama is struggling with her shamba because she doesn’t want building extensions to damage her kitchen garden. Mama also urgently requires refurbishment of her kitchen and help on saving costs.

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See her kitchen makeover


Mama Ian lives in Mwea, Kenya.

Mama Ian's family

The Shamba Chef team travel to Mwea to meet Mama Ian and her family.

Mama Ian kitchen garden

Her kitchen garden needs some sprucing up. With lots of building materials littered all over the place and poor farm management, she is unable to get much produce.

Mama Ian's old kitchen

Her kitchen before the makeover.

Mama Ian old jiko

Her current jiko emits a lot of smoke, making her and her children sick. It is also very expensive to maintain because it uses up a lot of charcoal and she spends more time than necessary, because it cooks slowly.

Mama Ian Burnt table

Her kitchen needs better ventilation and a better cooking surface so that she can cook in a clean and healthy environment.


Mama Ian is a busy lady. She needs a modern cookstove that will save her time and money. Purity from BURN Manufacturing introduces her to the Jikokoa charcoal cookstove.

Mama Ian savings

The Jikokoa cookstove is very economical. She will only need to spend half the amount of money she currently spends on charcoal, meaning she will be able to save Ksh 1500 every month.

Sack garden

Mama Ian's sack garden will save her space and will provide plenty of vegetables so that she doesn't have to buy them.

Mama Ian gyjgjhgj

Chef Damaris shows her how to make delicious and nutritious food, that her whole family can enjoy.

Mama Ian kitchen makeover

Her kitchen makeover is complete with her new cookstove!