Mama Naisula

Mama Naisula is a mother of three children. The youngest of her children is 10 months old. Mama's kitchen roof is falling apart and there are gaping holes on the walls which let in wind, rain and even dogs that contaminate her food. Mama also struggles with fuel costs and a smoky kitchen. The Shamba Chef team are here to help.

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See her kitchen makeover


Mama Naisula lives in Kajiado county, Kenya.

Mam Naisula's kitchen

Mama Naisula's kitchen before the makeover. Constructed with corrugated metal, it is poorly ventilated and not an ideal environment to cook in.

three stone jiko

Mama Nasula's three-stone jiko emitted excessive smoke which was bad for her health and covered her kitchen and utensils in a dirty layer of soot.

Mama Nasula

Christine from Envirofit talks Mama Naisula through the benefits of the Envirofit SuperSaver Charcoal jiko in reducing her fuel costs as well as reducing the amount of smoke in her kitchen.

Envirofit supersaver

Mama Naisula's smart new Envirofit Supersaver jiko reduces smoke by about 50%.

Mama Nisula's fuel savings

Mama Naisula's weekly fuel savings from her new cook stove amount to 420 shillings each week.

Wheel of foods Mama naisula

The nutritionist, Evelyn, explains to Mama Naisula why it is important to eat meals from the various food groups in order to have a balanced diet.

Chef Ali and Mama Naisula

Chef Ali shows Mama Naisula how to make delicious and nutritious meals for her family.

Mama Naisula's new kitchen

Mama Naisula's kitchen.

Mama Nisula's new cupboards

New cupboards for more storage space so that she can keep her food safe from contamination.


Her new kitchen surfaces are easier to clean and therefore her kitchen will be more hygienic.