Growing Kale



  • Obtain seedlings from a KEPHIS registered nursery near you. 
  • Ensure a spacing of 30cm by 45cm at planting. 
  • Use manure or fertilizer at planting and mix well with the soil to avoid scorching. 


  • Water the plants regularly. 
  • Remove old or diseased kale leaves. 
  • Top-dress after 1 month (try Mavuno) and spray with Easy Gro Vegatative foliar  after each harvest. 
  • Remove weeds as soon as they grow.
  • Monitor/Scout your field daily to detect diseases and pests early.
  • Avoid damage to the stem at harvest to ensure a continuous supply of kale leaves.


  • Kale leaves are ready to harvest after 60 days of planting. 
  • If pesticide/insecticide was used, take note of the PHI as indicated on the label.

Click here to download a detailed growing schedule for kale.