Growing Tomatoes



  • Obtain seedlings from KEPHIS registered nurseries instead of growing from seeds. 
  • Make holes a ½ foot deep with a spacing of 1 ½ feet between holes and 2 feet between rows.
  • To enhance the soil, mix with a handful of manure and 5 grams of planting fertilizer before placing the seedling.


  • Water the plants immediately after planting and mulch around the base to conserve moisture.
  • Remove weeds after every 3 to 4 weeks to prevent competition of nutrients with the plants.
  • Stake tomato plants to support the weight of fruits and ensure a clean harvest. 
  • To avoid pests and diseases, avoid growing tomatoes in the same plot where crops of the same family like potato, capsicum or eggplant had been planted before. Rotate or plant after legumes or cereals.


Depending on the variety, tomatoes will mature after 3-4 months after transplanting. Only harvest mature tomato fruits as green ones do not ripen well.

Click here to download a detailed guide on planting Tomatoes.