Growing Garden Peas

Garden peas


  • Garden peas should be planted in well-composted manure or Nitrogen enhancing fertilizer. 
  • The spacing between plants should be 2 inches and the seeds should be placed 1 inch below the soil.


  • Every time the garden is watered, the soil should be soaked to a depth of 3-6 inches. 
  • Checking the soil’s moisture content prevents over watering. 
  • To support tall growing varieties, poles should be established around the plants. 
  • To reduce the growth of weeds, mulching should be practiced.
  • Avoid walking in and out of the garden when the plants are wet to avoid introduction of waterborne fungi and bacteria. 
  • If garden peas become infected with disease, use appropriate fungicide.


  • Peas are ready to harvest 60-70 days after planting.
  • Mature pods have swollen peas forms visible from the outside. 
  • Picking mature peas regularly promotes the growth of more pods on a plant.

It is best to use fresh garden peas on the day you harvest them. If this is not possible & you have a fridge, refrigerate them as quickly as possible. If not, keep in a cool, dry place.