Watering a kitchen garden

Watering a kitchen garden

For small vegetable gardens that are close to the kitchen or raised from the ground, watering by use of a bucket, watering can or furrows is fairly easy to do. Waste water from the kitchen can be used to reduce running costs.  

Drip irrigation is another watering option that is suitable for kitchen gardens in the urban area or fairly larger than 5m by 5m. 

Benefits of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation can help you use water efficiently.  Drip irrigation systems:

  • Uses less water as the water from the pipe goes directly to the  plant roots. Water is not wasted on weeds.

  • Plants do not get wet.

  • Once the drip lines are laid, you just have to turn on the tap when you want to water.

  • Uses little labour

Small commercial kits are available for smaller plots, and can be supplied by firms like Hortipro. Call them on 0733 989 009 or  0721 388 444 to get one. Once installed all you need to do is fill the water tank daily and turn on the tap as needed.