Growing Carrots



  • Dig up your soil to a depth of about 20cm and a fine tilth before planting carrots.
  • Loosely compacted soil makes it easy for carrot roots to push through as they grow longer.
  • Do not apply manure before or during planting as it will cause the carrot roots to be forked. 
  • For high yields, buy seeds from a certified agrovet. 
  • Mix carrot seeds with sand before planting to be able to handle as the seeds are very small.


  • Water the plants if it is not raining and mulch around the base to conserve moisture. 
  • Thin the carrots regularly to create room for the roots as they become bigger and longer. 
  • The ideal spacing is 10cm between plants and 30cm between rows.
  • Monitor your crop on a daily basis to check if you have any pests and diseases. Spray when necessary to control any infestation.


Harvest carrots 3-4 weeks after planting or when they are big enough to be eaten. For a continuous supply of carrots, sow new seeds every few weeks.