Growing Sweet Potatoes



  • Select clean, healthy vines that are 25-30cm long with 3 nodes, for planting.
  • To preserve vines for later planting, keep vines near a water point or leave some tubers in the ground during the dry season. 
  • Plant 2-3 cuttings per mound or along ridges at a spacing of 75cm by 30cm.
  • Cover two-thirds of the nodes with soil and leave a third of the vine above the soil.


  • Weed your sweet potatoes twice in the first two months.
  • Weed by hand periodically until the crop is harvested.
  • Check the soil’s moisture to prevent over watering. 
  • To support tall growing varieties, poles should be established around the plants.
  • Mulch with dry grass to help conserve moisture.
  • To control pests and diseases, plant early, plant clean cuttings, do crop rotation and keep the field clean at all times.


Sweet potatoes are ready within 3-5 months depending on cultivar and environmental conditions. Some varieties are ready within 2-4 months.

Click here to download a detailed guide on growing sweet potatoes.